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Quit smoking

Training contents

I will be doing 2 introductory classes of 3 hours each about HOW TO QUIT SMOKING.

There are 2 determining factors to quit smoking: Do you really want to quit smoking? Why?

There are 3 real challenges that you will have to face:

1. The physical addiction
2. The Mental habit
3. The Social environment

I will be introducing these 3 concepts combining theory with practice, that may help you to learn how to start coping quit smoking. 

The 2 classes the 26th of January:

  • From 10.30am to 1.30pm
  • From 3pm to 6pm

Gift Shop at 18 Mary St. Galway City – Map

Each class cost 30€ (Needs to be paid in advance)
Only one class per day per person is allowed

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