About Me

Hi, I'm Eva

Originally from Barcelona, I have been living in Galway since 2014. I love Ireland, a beautiful country with beautiful people.

I have 20 years experience in the education sector as a community worker, working with social exclusion groups, developing and facilitating International Exchange Projects for the “European Youth Programme”, and Humanitarian Projects in Europe and Asia.

I have been on my own path of personal growth and self-development for over 20 years, through psychotherapy and energy work with my Master Carmen Sebastián. 

I got the IITD Professional Practice Certificate in Training & Development, Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Organizations and a double Master, Expertise in Coaching and Holistic Psychology. 

I am Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, member of the Reiki Federation Ireland. I got the Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage therapist, I successfully completed the Melchizedek Method IV, the QT(Level 1) and Vibrational Therapist course.

I support people to grow emotionally (Emotional Intelligence) by teaching them emotional concepts to relate better with themselves and with their environment (family, friends, work).

I have developed and facilitated training, workshops, classes and one to one sessions in Galway and Dublin.

What has always been my hobby and started as a personal journey is now my profession. 

Move forward in your life and achieve your goals, break old patterns, empower yourself and create the life you really want to live.

What My Clients Say