Emotional Therapy

What is an emotion?

 The word emotion comes from the Latin emovere, from the verb «motere» which means to move and the prefix «e» which implies to move away; then, an emotion is an impulse that invites us to act. The how and when is determined by the type of emotion.

Emotions are energy and when we let it flow freely they give us the movement we need to transform and grow; a person who lets its emotions flow is much more authentic, more self-confident and consequently happier.

Emotions accumulated throughout our lives can cause an imbalance on a physical level, turning into pain or illness.
By raising awareness of the cause of these emotions, you can improve your physical and emotional well-being.

What is an Emotional Therapy?

Emotional therapy works specifically on the emotional processing of situations, observing emotion as an adaptive reaction that allows you to cope with the environment (relationships, work, family, etc.) as well as make yourself aware of your own needs. It helps to deepen your emotions, focus and develop your own self, making you responsible for your own being, optimizing your own potential.

We use different techniques as mindfulness and emotional body work, accompanying the person in their process of change. In each session, we use different tools to improve clients emotional well-being.

This therapy allows you to transform your limits and live new experiences, overcome traumas, heal and release stuck emotions, take control of your life and make deep changes in your mental and emotional patterns.

inner child


The Inner Child is the result of experiences from the moment of conception; the basis of our emotional life is formed through memories in childhood.