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Evolutive Tarot

Training contents

This course contents 14 classes of 4 hours each of Evolutive Tarot training with the Rider Waite Deck where you will acquire the knowledge of all the arcana and, for more than a year, integrate them as part of a whole in your daily life.

You will learn cards meanings, interpretations and astrology basics every month; how to analise the meaning and the symbolism of the Rider’s Deck Major and minor Arcans; how to use the cards for self-development and how to do readings.

The arcana will be used as a patterns of our personality to open paths, unblock ourselves, move forward from situations and much more.

Certificate delivery at the end of the course.

One Saturday every month from 10.30am to 2.30pm:

First 4 dates:

  • 25th of January
  • 22nd of February
  • 21st of March
  • 18th of April

Amber Gift Shop at 18 Mary St. Galway City – Map

Single payment: 840€ / 2 payments: 900€ / Class in advance: 72€ per class

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