Reiki Level 2

In the second level, the knowledge of Reiki is extended; you will learn how to practice it for mental-emotional healing and how to send treatments at a distance, for oneself and for other people.

The course includes a review of the chakras and endocrine system from level 1, an initiation, introduction and explanation of the three traditional symbols and practices. With the attunement to the Second Level, the channel of the Reiki energy is increased and the use of the symbols allows access to higher levels of the Reiki energy.

Previous requirements: The requirement to apply to this course is to have completed the first level of Reiki with a Reiki teacher. You may need to send a copy of the First Level Certificate.


You will learn:

  • Experience since we start with Reiki 1
  • Review of the energetic system
  • The 3 Reiki Traditional Symbols
  • Activating Reiki Symbols

It is a 2 days course where we will go through one-day theory and one-day hands-on practical exercises. The practices include sessions of giving and receiving complete treatments using the symbol for mental / emotional healing. Various practices are also done using Reiki energy remotely: with people who need help, with situations, with one’s house and emotional issues of the past.

A manual is included. As a part of the course, the group will meet one morning or evening the week after to share their experience, ask questions, practice and collect the Certificates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To book you will need to fill an application form and send a €100 deposit receipt to secure your place. You can download the application form here and send it back to

COVID-19: Following the guidelines from the Government all clients will be required to complete a Pre Treatment Screening check an a Consent Form before the training.