Desire is the enormous feeling that a person possesses for achieving a specific objective (knowledge, enjoyment or possession of something in particular); or aspiration, hope or yearning that originates in an individual and has an origin and an end, to satisfy a taste.

A person’s desire relates to their values, priorities and personality. In psychology when we talk about the desire we refer to what moves the psychic apparatus; that is what activates our mind and our behaviour; a mind with 3 levels: The conscious, the preconscious, and the unconscious, which are differentiated by two barriers of censure exerted by the repression.

According to Freud, the desire is born from the first encounter between the child and the maternal breast, since it satisfies his desire for the first time, and from there he will want to return to that experience. This fact is what makes us think that the desire is linked to the need when in the adult phase it already does not have to be like that.

Desired is not the same as wanting, what we want often does not match what we desired. Desire requires lack (something we do not have) while wanting implies presence (something that is present, which is real). We hate or want something because it demands a response, a certain decision. We desired what we do not have, that’s one of the reasons why love produces so many passionate ups and downs.

The desire is closely related to human nature and is one of the mechanisms that drive the behaviour of the human being.

And you?
What is your real desire?
what do you wish?
what do you want?

Ignite your knowledge, It is important 🙂