In a Crossroad, find and follow your Own New Path


Have you always followed a defined path as set out by your family or society? Did you suddenly realise that this is not the journey you want to continue?

Did you have goals and aspirations which failed to meet your expectations?

Are you at a crossroads, unable to decide which road to take? Maybe you know your destination but do not know how to get there?

If the answer is Yes- This workshop will help you!

I am delighted to offer this workshop focusing on regaining direction in times of crisis, through self -knowledge, self-awareness and empowerment.

Sometimes in life, we pass through periods of transition, personal and professional, in which we can feel lost or unsafe. The only way that will help us to cope with this transition is the path of self-knowledge, self- awareness, and empowerment.

Observing ourselves, becoming aware of our present moment, will help us to understand and accept our situation. Acceptance will help free us to move forward, define a new direction, and be successful in our goals.

All the answers are within us, we just have to find and release them.

In this workshop you will learn:

• To observe your thoughts and feelings
• Awareness of how to live in the present without the barriers of the past or the future
• To accept your reality and take control of your life

Time: 2-6pm
Prices: €50
Booking: contact Eva at or text at 0851667613 (needs to be paid beforehand to secure your spot).