One-to-one: Emotional Therapy

Emotional Therapy

Therapy focused on emotions aims to help the person to identify, make sense, explore, manage, and transform emotional experiences.

When you repress your emotions, you’re blocking a part of you that needs to express yourself even if you’re not aware.

Emotional therapy helps you to recognize, accept, express, and manage your emotions.

When we are young, we are often taught that we must be strong and not let anything affect us. In such a way that, for example, crying becomes a sign of weakness.

When we deny the emotion and lock it up, we don’t let it mature, what we get is to weaken it and make it susceptible, so we need to cover it so as not to feel hurt every time they turn to us.

The ease to generate traumas and blockages when the emotion is weak is very high, so that when we reach adulthood we have not been able to generate resources to overcome these blockages and traumas that affect all areas of our life.

What I do?

I support you to find the origin of your blocked emotion or trauma, I teach you how to recognize it, name it, unlock it and I help you to face it by letting you move forward in your life.

Get an Emotional Therapy session if you…

  • Feel stuck in your life and don’t know how to take the step to change.
  • Have to make decisions but don’t know where to start.
  • Are in a transition period and need help crossing to the other side of the bridge.

You will learn…

  • To name feelings and sensations you don’t know how to express or affront.
  • To improve the relationship with yourself and others.
  • To deal with blocking situations that keep you stuck.
  • To manage stress periods and anxiety.

Price: 1 hour session: 60€

Are you ready to start your emotional journey?

COVID-19: Following the guidelines from the Government all clients will be required to complete a Pre Treatment Screening check an a Consent Form before the training.