Reconnect with your Inner Child, Introductory Workshop 15/11

On Thursday, November 15th I am running this workshop in Galway Wellness Studio. Contact me through the website or Call me on 0851667613. Follow me on Eva Lulavae and find all the information on the event on Facebook:                                                            

This workshop is focusing on reconnecting with your inner child, through recognition, listening and acceptance. In this workshop you will learn the basic steps to reconnect with your inner child, increasing self-esteem, improving personal relationships, joy and inner peace. Through self-observation techniques and group work, we learn to accept our inner child.

We will go through the different stages of the human development working with the senses and the emotions that define each stage from childhood to the adult.

By listening to what our inner child tells us, we identify our emotions, communicate with our feelings, and change our responses to certain situations.

Discover your inner child and start a journey of healing and growth.