Stretch your Mind

On February 6th, Wednesday, I will start running 4 classes of “Stretching Mind and Body” at Amber shop (18 Mary St) in Galway.

Sometimes our Mind is full of thoughts and we do not know how to manage or how to take them out from us… As a consequence, every day we carry them in our neck and back producing tension; in a long term, the physical expression of what worries us.

Sometimes after work, we are exhausted and want a Mind break before going to sleep… And sometimes we just want to relax, expand our own space and make a break during the week…

In these classes, you will learn how to manage these thoughts and clean your Mind using your breathing, visualization techniques and will do bit stretching (10 minutes) to reduce Back and Neck tension to relax your body.

Everybody is very welcome to these classes, it is a very good opportunity to introduce yourself to introspection and interior expansion in a very easy way.

  • 4 Classes starting in February, every Wednesday: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
  • Price: 1 class 12€ / 4 class bonus 40€
  • Place: Amber Gift Shop at 18 Mary St. Galway City

Email me or text me at 0851667613 if you are interested.

Take Care of your Mind, Take Care of your Body, Take Care of YOU. It is important!