Everything ready for the Autumn Equinox!!!

All the ingredients we will need on Sunday, the 22nd, for the Autumn Equinox; Nice seeds, windy sound bowl, ground fuel and little pots to plant on it… We are nearly there 🙂

What are we going to do at the Autumn Equinox? Plowing the land and take roots ourselves in it makes us go back to our origin. Return to the source reminds us why we are here and where we want to go.

In this Autumn Equinox, we are going to use the available energy to discover what seeds we want to spread to find our true path or to move forward in the one we are already.

I already have the seeds and the pots ready for all of you 🙂

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More info and bookings at 0851667613 or send me a message through facebook.

Take care of yourself, it is important 🙂