Family Tree

A family tree is a set of data, dates and family histories that helps us discover valuable information about our origin and explains where we came from. Through the knowledge of the genealogical tree, we can discover how the familiar unconscious interacts with the personal unconscious.

Investigating who our ancestors are or were, knowing their origin and knowing what they were dedicated to can be a very powerful tool to understand and heal the circumstances and problems of a person.

Psycho genealogy is a method of psychoanalysis where the relationship of the origin of the problems of the person with situations unresolved by their ancestors is emphasized. This method considers that by becoming aware of these problems the release or resolution of them can occur.

Develop and study our family tree, can help us to transform the way of seeing and understanding our family, know a part of our medical history observing the diseases that our ancestors have suffered, to observe if our beliefs, fears and blockages are related to the family dynamics and with transgenerational inheritances, etc.

When you know and understand your own past, you empower your rooting at the same time you connect with something bigger. When we feel that we are part of a family lineage, we become more aware that we are part of a whole group. By making our family tree we can access information that at a conscious level we cannot see and yet at an unconscious level can continue to manifest.

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Take care of your family tree, it is important for you 🙂