Eclipses, Inner Resources

Eclipses are periods we are called to evolve and use our inner resources to move forward in our lives.

Inner resources are all those valuable aspects that make us unique as human beings and do not depend on anything material or external for example habits, skills, knowledge… (courage, perseverance, creativity, self-esteem, values self-awareness, etc). The physical (material) things we possess are material external resources for example property, money, personal relationships (not the person itself but the bond we establish with them), and everything interacting with us from the outside. Knowing how to use these material resources is an inner resource.

External resources decrease when we use them and Inner resources increase when we use them and develop them. The more a skill is practised, the more it is perfected. We convert internal resources into external ones and the reverse.

In periods of eclipses, if we have been avoiding the signs and we have not used those inner resources because we have preferred to live in our comfort zone or in fear using too many external ones, life takes away external resources and forces us to live in situations where we have to let go what does not serve in our lives anymore like jobs, friends, partners, traumas, the stuck sides of us that gave us security even though we know already we have to let go, or we know is toxic or not good for us but has become our reality for too much time and we do not know how to do it differently… It impulses us to mature and develop those inner capabilities we were not used to acquiring the experience will serve us in the immediate future to recompose ourselves and find our security again with a new way of being more resilient and able to cope with the circumstances.

Is this a quick and painless process? no, not really. Growing up is something we do throughout our lives and there are some periods in life easier than others. Times of change if we resist or try to avoid change are longer and more difficult because life is giving us a message but we don’t want to listen. Why we do not listen? Because we are afraid of losing… What do we lose? Think, what is it you do not let go that prevents you from moving towards what you are going to be? The known for the unknown, security for the transitory insecurity, control. You have to flow with life, it is not easy to flow with life, but it can be learned and practice makes perfect.

This is why it is so important to know who we are, how we are, and what our way of thinking, feeling, and living are… The more we know WHO we are and how we interact with others and the environment, the more we trust in life. Self-awareness. This does not prevent us from being nervous, insecure or feeling pain but it gives us enough courage to trust the process and believe in ourselves. Nothing is impossible to achieve, you just have to work for it.

Take care of yourself, it is important!