Reiki Sessions & Reiki Training

Reiki has many benefits, but the most important one and the most difficult to explain is that it is your own energy that is activated to make you come back to yourself and put you to work in order to have a better quality of life. Not necessarily anything extraordinary needs to happen like a revelation or epiphany (it can happen but not necessarily). It may be you just need a vacation or take a day for yourself, such as quitting a habit that doesn’t benefit you or pushing you to change jobs or leave a relationship. What I mean by this is we have to stop looking for extraordinary events out of our ordinary days. Escaping from our reality can be fun if we are aware of it, but if we are not, why do we do it? What is preventing us from living the reality we want?

The question most asked after a session is: What is wrong with me, what is negative with me…
NOTHING! There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing negative about you is your mind producing negative thoughts, you are in a process of transformation that makes you have emotional and mental ups and downs. We can’t be happy all the time. Now, the question is… Are you happy in your life? are you doing what you want to do? And most importantly, what are you willing to do to have the life you really want? Or you don’t know what life you really want to have?

The magic is in the little things of everyday life in the routines we create in our daily lives, that life that is the one we really want, not the one we are forced to live because we believe we have no other option.

A Reiki session helps you to come back to yourself and regain your inner strength to move forward in your moment and make a little step to achieve what you really want to achieve but it does not save you from having to face the reality of your life, because it is this reality, the now you have to face to move forward to a better quality of life. And this is something only you can do, any practitioner or teacher will live your life for you.

It is true there is a cleanse when you do a session or more visible changes when you do Reiki training because you start to look inside yourself. You dig deep into your soul, mind and emotions to rescue all the tools, gifts and treasures you have to evolve within your being. But is you who will find the answers, you always have the last word in your life, not the others. Reiki calls you to be responsible for your life.

If you feel ready for it, welcome to your Reiki journey.