Emotional Conflict

Emotional Conflict is an inner knot that causes discomfort and that the person must solve. This is an entanglement that can produce a blocking point either in the professional field or at a personal level.

When we are in an emotional conflict we feel a knot inside us that makes us difficult breathing, we feel like pressure. It is a discomfort that floods us, and that makes us incapable to manage our own emotions because even dough stay busy could be a short-term solution, in a long-term our fears and insecurities will come out again and it is better to confront them and solve them as soon as possible.

Basic keys that could help you to manage and resolve any type of conflicts:

– Pay attention and listen: When we listen we connect more to the situation itself and we can be more empathetic with the other and more aware of the circumstances.

– The priority is the resolution of the conflict, not to see who is right: This is not to win or lose in the discussion; it is about maintaining the relationship and moving on. For that, it is essential to be respectful with the other person and with its point of view.

– You must be willing to forgive: it is impossible to resolve the conflict if you are not willing to forgive or are unable to do so. If you do not get rid of the need to “punish” the other you will not be able to manage the differences in a proper manner.

Do you recognise any of these practices?

Take care of yourself, It is important