When we have started to recognize our emotions, being aware of our strengths and weakness (Self-awareness) and we have begun to focus on how to handle these emotions with us and with the others (Self-Regulation), a process that lasts a lifetime, we can introduce in our vocabulary the Self-motivation concept.

And here it is, we are at the point where we return to the origin of our being. What is the reason for your/my being? 
What is Self-motivation?

Motivation is the need or desire that leads people to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. The capacity for motivation can be internal (comes from us) or external (from other people). What interests us the most is learning to act motivated by internal reasons. Although the origin of this learning in childhood must be empowered by external people to direct us towards our goals (parents fundamentally), so the external motivation also has great importance in the learning of internal motivation.

Ask yourself these questions:

What really motivates you to take action on something? 
Do you have internal goals to fight for? (Work, personal fulfilment, hobbies) or you only move forward yourself with and by external stimuli? (children, couple, friends).

The main question here is: Am I emotionally independent? What does this question mean? That means we do not depend on the opinion or the support from the others to achieve our own goals. We are strong enough to put the value in our own decisions, It depends on us. It does not mean that we cannot ask for the opinion and support from others, it means that we do not depend on them.

Motivate yourself, It is important!