Emotional Therapy 15/02

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What is Emotional Therapy?

Therapy focus on emotions aims to help the person to identify, make sense, explore, manage, and transform emotional experiences.

When you repress your emotions, you are blocking a part of you that needs to express yourself even if you are not aware.

Emotional therapy helps you to recognize, accept, express, and manage your emotions.

Starts an Emotional Therapy if …

  • Your life gets worse and worse and you don’t know why
  • Anything motivates you and you feel an internal emptiness
  • You feel overwhelmed by work and family and do not know how to deal with it
  • You are over thinker and you are not able to make plans happen

You will learn to…

  • Connect with your inner potential, your strengths.
  • Find the root of the problem that does not let you move forward
  • Detect the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that block you.
  • Recover the direction in your life
  • Focus on what is important for you, and discover how to take the next step.

How I work through emotional therapy… I will teach you how to…

  • Perceive emotions in the body (Observing the discomfort)
  • Identify what you feel and accept it
  • Give to the emotion the space it needs (When have you felt this way before?)
  • Express the emotions
  • Regulate and release

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More info: https://evalulavae.com/one-to-one/one-to-one-emotional-therapy/