Sound Therapy at Amber 13/02

Sound therapy is based on the application of the sound of the voice and musical or vibratory instruments in our body. It has been found to be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and has been shown to offer many health benefits.

The vibration of the sound of the bowl generates a vibration in your body that releases all kinds of tensions and produces a feeling of pleasure and well-being that completely relaxes you.

It works pure vibration, and not only the music. The scientific basis of sound therapy is based on the principle of “Resonance in Sympathy” when a vibrating object causes vibrations in another object.

The bowl rests on the body and vibrates on top of it, transmitting vibration to each part, releasing any type of interference that we have been able to accumulate such as stress, anxiety, excessive thoughts or emotions and tiredness.

The result is a sense of liberation and well-being throughout the body and mind.

Bookings: Contact Eva at 0851667613 or send me a message through Facebook.