#FindtheFeeling Pieta House Galway 25/10

Such a great experience with Currant Future team, very welldone guys! It is not easy go into meditation at the beginning… Good job!

Look at them, how happy they look after the class, they were visualizing houses at Bahamas and feeling the flow into the river… haha..

Delighted to be part of this 🙂 Thank you!

“I share all the information in case any of you wants to participate with a donation to the Pieta House or in any event of this Fell Good with Pieta campaign during these 2 weeks.

“The #FeelGoodwithPieta campaign kicked off this week & we are getting behind such a great cause by hosting a number of events over the next 2 weeks to bring our colleagues together to Connect. Be Active and FeelGood.

The funds we raise will enable Pieta House to continue to provide freely accessible professional services to people who are in suicidal crisis, those who are self-harming and people who have been bereaved by suicide.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Help us #FindTheFeeling

#currantfutures #mentalhealthweek Amber “