Home concept…

What does the concept of “home” mean to us?

HOME is the space in which we feel protected and sheltered, we feel safe. It can be linked to the biological family, because the sensation is familiar, welcoming feeling; but it does not have to be like that. It may be related to the comfort zone that we create around us, but it does not have to be like that way either.

What is “home” for us? In what aspect of our lives have we noticed that the concept of “home” has changed? It has to do with a safe sensation we have in ourselves in relation to any area of our lives: Personal, work, family, social, etc.

Throughout our lives, we have moments of transition in which this concept changes its perspective to evolve. This is one of these moments since one of the nodes of karma is in the sign of cancer.

Cancer represents “home”, “family”, that internal or external place, which provides security and protection that helps us to recognize ourselves in our inner space or in a collective circle.

In what area of our lives we are beginning (or have already started) a period of transition in which the concept of “Home” is changing.

In recent years I’ve had the same group of friends around me, I’ve been surrounded by the same people, I’ve been in the same job… And I’ve been focused on all of it in the same way, with the same ideas, roles, thoughts… But now, since a few months, weeks, days ago, I realize that new people are coming into my life and I am seeing how, very gentle, some of the people who had been closed to me for ages are disappearing or we are changing our relationship; my concept of friendship is changing.

At the same time, I realize that the concept I had about work is changing. I no longer face or live situations as same as I used to, work does not represent to me what it did anymore.

I’m starting to be another “I”, another “me”.

I realise that before I did not like social events but now, I am seeing that I do not dislike them and I can enjoy them. I am sharing things differently with others.

I discover that I am able to express my emotions more fluently than before and, because of that, I have a new role member in my family circle or friendships, and I feel comfortable with it.

I am starting to discover in me a new perception, a new feeling of what is for me “home”. And to integrate and explore this new perspective I need time, I need to discover what it is that makes me feel “now” at home.

Which is the “new home” concept I like, I discovered?
What do I want to continue learning about it? 
Which is the “old” concept and what is no longer my “I”, my “me”?
What do I need to clean up and leave behind forever because “that” is no longer “me” anymore?

Discover yourself, take care of yourself and move forward, it is important!