Ancestral Women

All women of the world inherit from each other, through innumerable generations, the unique lineage that keeps our species alive. This entails great responsibility. Through our grandmothers, great grandmothers and mothers, the daughters that we are and those that once were, inherited the virtues and defects of the history of humanity through our ancestors. The strength, the survival instinct, the fears, the beauty, the essence of its characters that now help us or make our own path or the path we share with others more difficult.

The archetypes of the goddesses, Greek goddesses or goddesses of any other culture, help us to break the chains and expand our vision or perspective that limited our ancestors from advancing, and that now we feel we must overcome to liberate our own clan of that ballast.

Likewise, working with the archetypes we learn to recognize in us which are those qualities inherited by our ancestors and which are part of our unique essence; This information helps us differentiate the generational burden of our ancestors from the personal limitations that are part of our character.

I am running workshops related to the female archetypes for all those women who want to learn how to differentiate all these topics, know themselves and release the burdens of their ancestors.

There is one related to the Greek goddesses on Saturday, June 29th. I leave the link of the event if anyone is interested:

Take care of yourself, it is important 🙂