Reiki Level 2 – 19th & 20th November

When someone feels ready to do Reiki level 2 it means they have completed the 21-day cleansing taught in level 1, they have been practising with family and friends and they are in the process of practising Reiki frequently on themselves as part of their routines. They have the need to increase their knowledge of this philosophy of life which is Reiki. All the students who come back to me to do the second level of Reiki have noticed an improvement in their quality of life and they feel ready to go further and deeper in their self-development.

The energy handled in Reiki Level 2 is different from the First Level. It is deeper, more intense and of higher vibrational frequency. The connection with your Higher Self becomes stronger, 3 different symbols are introduced to the practice, each of them with different energy.

There is an opening for a new perspective in life. Mentally and emotionally, the connection with the Inner Child and the feeling we are part of the whole Universe brings us to the “No Time, No Space” concept, to the “being” sensation with no limitations to our own expansion and chain release. We learn the distance healing symbol, and the respect for the Universal laws when we do a treatment or we use the energy in our daily life.

So your senses, your intuition, and the way you perceive the world change because you change from the main root of your human being.

With Reiki Level 2 you continue practising with yourself, with others and with the environment but you are not allowed to work professionally. You will need to complete the Practitioner Level to be a Reiki Practitioner.

If you feel ready to go deeper into your Reiki journey, please, click the link below to see all the information:

Reiki Level 2 – Eva Lulavae

or contact me at 0851667613.

Take care of yourself, it is important!