Chakras Workshop at Amber

I am delighted to train this workshop at Amber in Galway City for all those who are interested in the main seven chakras. We will explore how they function cleaning and harmonizing their energy in our own bodies and souls.

The chakras are circular energy centres found in the ethereal body of the person. We will work with the so-called main chakras, which are 7, the ones that serve as receivers and conductors. They fulfil the function of accumulators, transformers and energy transmitters that help the proper functioning of the body both mentally and emotionally as well as spiritually. Each chakra is related to certain organs and certain areas of the body, as well as to the seven main glands of the endocrine system.

This is a very complete workshop, we will go through the entire transformation process connecting and communicating with our body to free our being of any tension or unuseful stuck energy. We will work with the chakras one by one, becoming aware of where they are, what function they perform in the body, the organs and glands connected, how we feel it in each of us, and much more.

A little bag with the 7 minerals of the chakras will be given to the attendees at the beginning of the course so we will tune them in with our own chakras.

Place: Amber Gift Shop, St. Mary’s 18, Galway

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or contact me on 0851667613

Please, be aware for the ones booking through the phone a 25€ deposit may be needed as part of the policy of cancellation.

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Eva Lulavae
Personal Growth and Self-Development /Ph: 0851667613