A very little introduction to the Empowerment concept…

Into individual level, empowerment is the connection with our personal power to live from authenticity, structuring our limits personally and professionally, and developing our short and long term goals, in order to achieve the greatest possible autonomy in all areas of our life.

How can I start to empower myself??

– Focus on your life: Do not focus on what the others have or get, use your energy to work on your own life.

– Know yourself: Discover your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly to them.

– Learn to forgive yourself and close doors: Forgiveness frees you from weights that burden you with situations you do not want to leave behind. Let go, close that door and move forward.

– Become responsible, choose and decide: self-knowledge allows you to take responsibility for your choices and decisions in any field of your life.

Take care of yourself, it is important!