Summer Solstice Festival 21/06

Welcome to this beautiful Summer Solstice Festival event!

Summer Solstice is the moment in time when the Earth’s tilt towards the Sun is at its maximum and the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky being at its most powerful moment. It is the day in the year that has more hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere.

This year Summer starts Friday, June 21st at 3.54pm UTC time, with the entry into the sign of cancer, a water sign that symbolizes what makes us feel “like at Home”, which for us represents “home”; family, children, friends. It represents the water, in this case, the river of emotions flowing towards the sea.

Because water is the element of the season starting we decided to celebrate this wonderful day festival with lots of water flowing at the Rowing Club Galway terrace next to the Corrib River, stimulate our senses with pure oil essences and celebrate the Summer Solstice ritual.

The event starts with the Chao Dao tea Ceremony guided by The Secret Garden team at 10.30am. We will quiet our minds and enter into a relaxation state with Puer tea, especially for this ceremony.

At 12.00pm, we continue the day with what Summer Solstice day represents for us and how the day goes.

From 1.00pm to 1.30pm is lunchtime. Please, bring something to share for lunch. Water and teas will be provided.

From 1.30pm – 3.00pm we close the door of the Spring season, becoming aware of everything that has happened during this period. Being grateful, releasing and letting go using pure oils essences specially provided by Sallyann for this occasion.

From 3.15pm – 4.30pm Preparation to say welcome to the summer season with a very powerful Celtic ritual and finally, we will throw the rose petals to the river symbol of gratitude towards the Water element and letting our emotions flow towards the immensity of the sea.

Do not miss this opportunity to join us to celebrate this beautiful event into the Rowing Club Galway. If the weather follows us we will be celebrating on the terrace, next to the river if not will be celebrating with the river doors open from inside.

Price is 60€, pay your 30 € deposit through Eventbrite. The remaining fee will be collected on the same day of the activity. Only 10 places are available.
If you would like to pay by bank transfer instead (you save on Eventbrite fees) contact Eva Lulavae at 0851667613.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!!
Eva Lulavae

Meet the organizer:

Hi, my name is Eva

Originally from Barcelona, I have been living in Galway since 2014. I love Ireland, a beautiful Country with beautiful people.

I have 20 years experience in the education sector as a community worker, working with social exclusion groups, developing and facilitating International Exchange Projects for the “European Youth Programme”, and Humanitarian Projects in Europe and Asia.

I have been on my own path of personal and spiritual growth for over 20 years, through psychotherapy and energy work with my Master Carmen Sebastián. I am Reiki Life Coach (Reiki Master Teacher/ Practitioner), Chiro – massage therapist, and I successfully completed the Melchizedek Method (I & II) and QT(Level 1).

I got the IITD Professional Practice Certificate in Training & Development, the Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Organizations and I am currently studying to get a double degree Master in Holistic Psychology and Expert in Coaching.

I help people to grow emotionally (Emotional Intelligence) by teaching them emotional concepts to relate better with their environment (family, friends, work) and with themselves.

I have developed and facilitated Personal Growth and Self-Development workshops in Galway and Dublin and I do 1 to 1 session.

What has always been my hobby and started as a personal journey is now my profession. I thank the Universe for giving me this precious gift.

Light, Eva

Meet the Collaborators: The Secret Garden and Sallyann

Hello, my name is Mara.

I’m the owner of The Secret Garden Galway – a tea shop I have created with all my heart.

I love creating a special space – safe, calm and inspiring, space where one can just be, relax, read, daydream, have a warm cup of tea or coffee and know that for this moment in time there is nothing to worry about.

In 2016 I travelled to Taiwan to visit Tea Sage Hut and study Cha Dao tea ceremony with Wo De. I’m a member of Global Tea Hut, a community of Tea lovers from around the world. I have come back to Taiwan since to strengthen my practice and share Tea with most amazing Tea people.

I’m also a wife and a mom to a beautiful baby girl. Motherhood has thought me that taking care of myself physically and spiritually is even more important at this time of my life.

I love the beauty of simplicity in life. More and more I get inspired by mindful living where freedom, time with loved ones, exploring the beauty of the world and the beauty within us comes before anything else.

My favourite mornings start with serving tea to people who have found their way to me and quietly gather to sit in silence and drink tea. Those are mornings of pure gratitude. Starting with preparing the space, bringing fresh flowers in, lighting the incense. My practice starts there 1 hour before anyone has yet arrived.

I’m so grateful for every one of you who I have had the pleasure to share Tea with.
Love and light,