One-to-one: In Person & Distance Treatment

One to One Treatments

This is your space to start your Personal Growth and Self-Development journey. Every treatment I offer is an opportunity to grow from inside out, discovering your own path and direction throught your own Inner Being.

Every session become the space you are looking for to discover what is important to you and what do you need. It will help you to detect and heal thoughts and emotions that are limiting your life connecting with your Inner Self and moving forward in your goals.

Below you can find 3 different treatments that offers you the possibility to achieve new tools to learn how to manage your emotions with yourself and the others.


Emotional Theraphy

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others.

Inner Child

The Inner Child is the result of experiences from the moment of conception; the basis of our emotional life is formed through memories in childhood.


A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing, non invasive procedure that helps us to unblock and restore the correct flow of our Vital Energy, KI.